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Retiring Rabbit Software

I will be retiring Rabbit Software.  At this time I am not accepting any new work.  I will continue to work with existing clients for a while longer. Richard Brewster

Technical Debt

I gave a talk on September 7, 2010, at the Neon Guild meeting. I spoke about Ward Cunningham’s concept of technical debt, weaving in some ideas I got from Alistair Cockburn about the cost of making changes to software and practices such...


I’ve started working with Restlet, a Java API supporting the REST protocol.  It seems to be a well-developed and supported framework and I look forward to digging deeper....

SEMAT I found out about this from Martin Fowler’s Bliki post: Both he and Alistair Cockburn looked at the SEMAT effort and walked away.


I’ve been kicking the tires on Sonar. I’ve used code analyzers, Checkstyle, PMD, Findbugs, Cobertura, for a number of years, and looked at Sonar a while ago.  But now revisiting it, Sonar seems to be the way to go to integrate...