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I had an amazing dream last night.  It is the only dream I’ve had where in the dream itself I remember having a dream and then I tell other people in the dream about it.

The dream in the dream went like this.  I was a software developer who was given a new software tool by my employer, a tool that measures the quality of some other software.  I loaded up the tool and fed it the software I was developing, but something went wrong.  It all crashed!  It being my job to find out what went wrong, I debugged it and discovered that the tool took too much memory!  The tool needed more resources than we had available.

The next scene in my dream was the next day at work, where I told the dream about the software quality tool to two of my colleagues, named Jeff and John.  I explained that my interpretation of the dream was that our company was being asked to use a system for compliance with software quality that would take up so many resources of people and time that it would not work.

Then I actually did wake up.  I told my wife that I had a dream in a dream and told people about the dream in the dream.  And she agreed that it was one of those significant dreams that tell you some truth about your life.