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Java and Relational Database Development

20+ years experience in professional software development, specializing in middleware systems and databases

Software Languages

Java, C, Groovy, Ruby, SQL, and XML

Open Source Frameworks and Components

Leveraging open source frameworks and components to shorten application development time

Application Architecture

Expertise in application architecture for networked, concurrent designs, including Java Enterprise

Java and relational database development. Agile software development practices.

My name is Richard Brewster.

Rabbit Software LLC is my consulting business. I collaborate with people to develop software. I have practiced agile methodology for over ten years. I can’t imagine a better way to deliver value to the software customer than with a reflecting, continually improving team.

Much of my agile training came from attending No Fluff Just Stuff conferences, often together with my work team.

My résumé (PDF)

Please contact me to discuss your project needs.